Covid-19 Vaccine Concerns

Quality Improvement Project

Maintaining and developing high standards of patient care is important to our Practice.        One of the ways to continue achieving this is by dedicating more time to listen to you and your family. This is why Dr Raj Chandok is leading a project to better understand any concerns that our patients and / or their families might have about the Covid-19 vaccine. And, on behalf of      Dr Raj Chandok, Dr Poonam Madar Ph.D. (an independent researcher) will be speaking with individuals who are willing to share their concerns.

We welcome and encourage participation from our patients of all backgrounds. We particularly welcome participation from our South Asian patients as the views of South Asians are currently under-represented in this area of research.

How you can help:
  • Email if you would be willing to speak with Dr Poonam Madar regarding any concerns you and your family members may have about the Covid-19 vaccine. Please include your full name, date of birth and best phone contact number in your email. You can also contact Dr Poonam Madar on 07584 871144
  • People will be randomly selected from a list of emails received; and if your name is selected, you will be asked to participate in a telephone conversation with Dr Poonam Madar. You may be asked to contribute further in an interview, along with members of your family.
  • By sending your email, you are agreeing to this and for Dr Poonam Madar to potentially contact you on behalf of the surgery. Please do not call the surgery regarding this matter; your privacy is important to us and therefore we have selected someone outside this practice for you to speak with.
Important information for you to know:
  • You are under no obligation to participate in this project.
  • Your care and your relationship with your doctor will not be affected in any way if you decide not to take part in this project.
  • Your participation is entirely voluntary and you and your family members are free to withdraw at any time without any explanation required.
  • If you decide to take part in this study and are selected for an interview, you will be asked to sign a consent form. This will clearly state which parts of your views may be looked at for the purposes of the project. Nobody from the practice (including your Doctor or any members of staff) will be made aware of your participation in this project – your participation will be strictly between yourself and Dr Poonam Madar.

And finally, your views are important to us, and your time will be much appreciated.

On behalf of Dr Raj Chandok, the practice would like to thank you for taking the time to visit this webpage today and considering contributing to his project to improve how we offer vaccination services to our patients.