Private Services List & Fees

Medical ExaminationsFee
Certificate of Fitness £35
Certificate of immunisation £35
Private sick certificate for employer, college etc.
Completing a DS1500 form
Solicitors report (p/h)
Any simple letter to support Non–NHS information
(e.g. fitness to fly. To whom it may concern, housing, social services etc.)
GP Basic letter£50
Computer Printout (per page, email free)£1.00
Private prescription for travel aboard£30.00
DVLA Paper report £40.00
OFSTED report Invoice £75.00
 Copies of health records required Fee
 Records held manually (paper) Admin fee (email free)£60
Private appointment with doctor£100
Private appointment with nurse£50
Fees Payable by Other Authority/Organisation
Insurance Medical Reports / DVLAFee
Insurance General Practitioners report£104
Insurance Company – supplementary reports
DVLA Report (Series II pro-forma)VOC certificate Copy of visual fields VOC resting ECG    
Solicitors – Forms & Reports / Copies of Medical RecordsFee
Subject Access Request Free (A fee will apply is request is considered manifestly, unfounded or excessive).
Local AuthorityFee
Department of Works and Pensions (DWP)
Disability living allowance forms DSA 1550 formsFee


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